Our Sponsored Athlete

Chris Kisling - Ginger Beard Barbell

Christopher hails from Eastern Washington where he is a Corrections Sargent overseeing the close custody gang unit. Lifting since the age of 14, Chris competed in USPA sanctioned meets in 2014 and is preparing for a return to the platform at the end of 2019.

Our Sponsored Athlete

Marshall "Boss Hogg" Zinn

Former 12B Combat Engineer and US Army Drill Sergeant with 11 years of service to our great country. Currently living in Arizona, working as an Athletic Director for at risk youth. In addition, Marshall trains clients and does all of his own programming/training from his garage gym, Freak Animal Fitness. This Iron Sanctuary also known as the "Fungeon" is a small but efficient training ground that has yielded some of his greatest accomplishments in strength. Weight/Status: 105kg International Strongman. Here are just a few highlights from the last 3 years of competition.

* 2017- Official Strongman Games, World’s Strongest Man U105kg Dec 16-17, 11th

^ 2018- Arnold Classic Africa (Strongman Corp), May 20th 105k Middle Weight, 1st (qualified for Worlds and Arnold Classic 2019)

^ 2019- Arnold Classic Columbus, (Amateur World Championships) March 1st- 3rd 105k, 6th

^ 2019- Arnold Classic Africa Pro/AM 105k (Strongman Corp), May 17-19,1st

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