Artist Rendering
  1. Contact us so we can bring your idea to life with an no-obligation quote.
  2. Our designer will produce an estimate for design, manufacturing, and estimated completion time.
  3. Deposit of at least 75% of the piece is required before we start.


3D CAD Created
  1. Our designer will go to work on your piece, sculpting through Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  2. The final CAD rendering will be approved by you for final approval.


Model and Crafting
  1. After final rendering is approved, your piece is off to our high quality 3D wax printer.
  2. Through loss wax casting your piece will finally take shape.
  3. Your new piece is off to one of our talented jewelers for finishing.


Rock Your MetalUrgency
  1. Any final payment is due prior to delivery.
  2. Rock your new piece. Don’t forget to tag us in any social media posts, we love our customers and want to showcase you on our page.

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