Soul Inspired. Freedom Forged.

MetalUrgency by Soul Metalworks is simply badass jewelry and accessories designed with the spirit of freedom and rock ‘n roll coursing through its veins. Our unique, and growing, collection is a result of our owners varied backgrounds, skills and the common thread of passion to create art for the purpose of giving back to others.

Dedicated Owners.

Founder Jimmy “The Jeweler” Chase has worked in the jewelry industry for thirty years, where he helped build brands and design jewelry for an A-list of clients. Jimmy was often approached by people asking where they can get a piece of jewelry they saw on their favorite musician or celebrity. Stirred by these requests, Jimmy engaged his brother Dale Chase, and set out to bring these designs to everyone under the MetalUrgency brand.

Defining the spirit of the MetalUrgency brand, our lead Designer, Paul “Anvil” O’Keefe, is a powerhouse of design inspired by a very different background. Paul is a 10 year Air Force Veteran, former MMA Heavyweight, and is non-stop in his drive to create and give back to our Nation’s Veterans and First Responders. After Ruck Marching across America with a team raising money for wounded veterans, Paul is leading the design effort for the purpose of giving back to these charities.

Harnessing all this creative energy and keeping the boys in line, Susan Underhill is responsible for dotting every “I” and crossing every “T”.  She lends the savvy of a wildly successful corporate career and is responsible for bringing our brand to the world stage. This is no easy task at times, with the antics of Jimmy and Anvil, but she is definitely tough enough to handle the job.

Our owners, and the entire MetalUrgency team, are dedicated to excellence – but our products speak for themselves.