Soul Inspired.  Rebel Rocked.

MetalUrgency Soul inspired creations are designed with a rebellious, infectious style that is uniquely its own. We forge precious metals from a place where feeling becomes substance and art can be touched, felt and worn – blending passion with our craft, giving birth to our lifestyle statement jewelry.

Born to Rock.

Company founder, Jimmy Chase, grew up in the late 70’s hanging out at the many jewelry stores in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona, where he was captivated by the intricate designs, the manufacturing process and the people who purchased these beautiful works. This early immersion in the industry fueled his passion and defined his purpose, ultimately leading Jimmy to play a key role in the retail success of NightRider Jewelry, a line of handcrafted biker rings, pendants, buckles and accessories, paving the way to his newest venture – designing his own luxury brand of soul inspired artisan works and fine jewelry for musicians, artists and celebrities.

Inspired for Rockers by a Rocker.

A day on the links with one of these celebrities, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend Alice Cooper, proved to be serendipitous for Jimmy as the two comrades shared stories and traded name ideas for this new product line.  A fan of Jimmy’s jewelry since its inception, Alice emulates the spirit of the creations like no other, and fittingly came up with the name of the company in the middle of the round, autographing their score card with the MetalUrgency signature.  Thanks to Alice’s enthusiasm and support, along with so many others, MetalUrgency is now being rocked by many of the biggest stars in the world of music, television and entertainment.

With a life-long passion for music and art, Jimmy has focused his artistic expression, gemological expertise, and intimate knowledge of jewelry manufacturing techniques to create spectacular custom and fine jewelry for more than 30 years. Jimmy takes tremendous pride in creating quality jewelry and incomparable designs for his clients – pieces they will treasure for a lifetime.

Renowned today as “Jimmy the Jeweler,” the “Jeweler to the Stars,” Jimmy’s clientele is no longer just local. With major celebrity clients, his jewelry is seen on the global stage.  Jimmy is often approached by fans asking where they can get a MetalUrgency piece they saw on their favorite celebrity. Stirred by these requests, Jimmy set out to bring these same designs to everyone.

Rallying his brother to help bring MetalUrgency designs to life, Dale Chase, draws on the accumulated benefit of four decades honing a range of artistic skills. His life-long passion for music found an early outlet in playing the guitar, and the best qualities of the music that influenced him is reflected in all the designs and production of MetalUrgency jewelry and accessories.

Joining the team to expand our reach and product offerings, Paul (Anvil) O’Keefe is a powerhouse of design inspiration and business development. Sean Quaid adds his extraordinary design and manufacturing expertise to the team.

Harnessing all this creative energy, Susan Underhill lends her artistic influence and business savvy to round out the leadership team. Jumping in on the tail of a wildly successful corporate career, she has been the fuel in creating a world stage to market the MetalUrgency inspirations.

Our Cause

Many teens today face a future without a solid foundation from broken promises and burdened hearts. We love the work and impact of Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock in providing a landing place for teens, and a sanctuary to support an exciting and creative journey for teens. Every purchase of MetalUrgency jewelry helps in building a Solid Rock for the next generation.