Fleur de Mort Bracelet


This bracelet brings back some of the characteristics of vintage European style. It features a sixteen point star, fixed to a round elegant bezel, with a Fleur de Lis at the 12 o’clock position and an inverted Fleur de Lis at the 6  o’clock position.  The lower Fleur de Lis holds within its petals a skull and crown to symbolize the death of unjust rule. Select a stunning center stone of Black Moissanite or Red Garnet.





HEIGHT 47mm 

WIDTH 43 mm  


STONE 8 mm

Additional information

Stone Color and Size

Red Garnet Size 7.5", Red Garnet Size 8", Red Garnet Size 8.5", Red Garnet Size 9", Red Garnet Size 9.5", Black Moissanite Size 7.5", Black Moissanite Size 8", Black Moissanite Size 8.5", Black Moissanite Size 9", Black Moissanite Size 9.5"


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