Strategos Pendant in War Ready Bronze™


This pendant embodies the strength and integrity of the military leaders or Generals of Sparta. Unarguably one of the most dedicated and well trained fighting forces of all time, Spartans would literally die fighting for their homeland, and freedoms. This Hoplon (shield), Xiphos (sword), and Helmet have seen battle after battle, maybe even in Thermopylae. The bale on this piece is made of two Greek Vipers, and a medallion of Medusa is forged to the side of the helmet. On the back of the shield, this spartan kept a tally of his victories, and his sword bears a quote from the great Leonidas himself! Molon Labe, “COME AND TAKE THEM”!


Height – 66.6 mm

Width – 45.41 mm

Thickness – 18.08

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HEIGHT 69 mm   

WIDTH 48 mm  



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