Breathtaker Pendant


Breath-Taker Pendant

Medusa is the most well known of the three monstrous Gorgon sisters. Having been cursed by Athena, and her once beautiful hair replaced by serpents, Medusa’s gaze would turn anyone who viewed her to stone. She was the only mortal monster of the three sisters (having been human at one time), and was killed by Perseus, who used a magical helmet gifted to him by Hades, and the reflection of the monster in his shield, to take her head. Some stories give the meaning of free flowing life to her serpent hair, and that her wings represent freedom. Wear this pendant with confidence, it is a balance of classic beauty, and ferocious power. The back of the pendant displays a warrior, forever held in his final pose, he was not as successful as Perseus. The stone set between two of Medusa’s pets fangs is a 7mm Garnet.

Height – 53.48 mm

Width -32.65 mm

Thickness – 20.06 mm

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HEIGHT 53 mm  

WIDTH 32 mm  




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