The Revolutionist Ring in Silver


Every nation has a story, this ring combines some of the early history of the United States of America, leading up to our victory over the British.

This ring is part of our Join or Die Family, so let’s start with the segmented snake from Benjamin Franklin’s political cartoon of 1754. Ben asked the colonies to band together, and fight for the freedom of a unified new nation, within the pages of the Philadelphia Gazette. The snake that surrounds the band, has a 54’ (1754) placed at the back of his head.

The band of the ring is made of broken wooden tea boxes. One box is prominently stamped “Boston”. Another box features an upside down East India Tea Company logo, it’s been slashed through by one of the Sons of Liberty at the Boston Tea Party of 1773.

To finish the ring off, on the bottom rests a two sided shield. The outside of the shield is a lantern and a date 75’ (1775) This lantern commemorates Paul Revere and William Dawes “Midnight Ride” to Lexington, MA from Boston. As an express rider, Revere was given critical information to carry on horseback as far as New York and Philadelphia. On this mission when arriving in Lexington, one Lantern would be placed in the Old North Church’s tower to signal the British were marching on to Concord to destroy military caches of gunpowder, ammunition, and cannons. (Two lanterns would be used if they were rowing in)

The inside of the shield is pretty self explanatory, a 76’ (1776) sits atop stars and stripes! We celebrate our independence every 4th of July, because brave men and women were willing to fight for Freedom! Make your own stand, and show your patriotism by wearing this piece!

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