Thor’s Ring in Sterling Silver


The Thor’s Ring in Sterling Silver

Harness the power and protection of Thor.

Viking Symbolism is buried deep within this piece. Each shield protecting Thor is individually detailed with different Runes, art, and meaning. On the sides of the ring, two dragons protect Mjölnir, the Thunder God’s mighty hammer. The shank of the ring is made to look like the wooden planks on the keel of a Viking long boat. Not only was the outside of this piece scrutinized over, but on the inside you’ll find Thor’s two rams crashing into each other helping to create the storm of lightning that flows out onto the helmet our hero is wearing.



LENGTH 43 mm  

WIDTH 28 mm   


Additional information


Silver 10, Silver 10.5, Silver 11, Silver 11.5, Silver 12, Silver 12.5, Silver 13, Silver 13.5, Silver 14, Silver 14.5, Silver 15, Silver 15.5, Silver 16, Silver 16.5, Silver 17, Silver 17.5, Silver 18


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